Sears Solutions MasterCard

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Does Mastercard have a rewards program?

Mastercard Pay with Rewards is an innovative solution that gives cardholders the freedom to redeem rewards points for purchases at millions of eligible locations worldwide, in store or online.

Which Mastercard has the best rewards?

Summary of Best Canadian MasterCard Credit Cards in 2019MasterCardCard TypeAnnual FeeBMO Shell Air Miles MasterCardGas Rewards MasterCard

Does Mastercard give cash back?

The card networks (Visa and MasterCard) don't specify a minimum amount that merchants must offer to those who are interested in receiving cash back. Merchants can use their own discretion. However, there is a maximum amount for cash back.

How much does Home Depot match on 401k?

Home Depot matches a maximum of 3.5% of pay, depending on the participant's contribution. That breaks down to .50 for an employee contribution of for the first 1% of salary, then 50 cents on the dollar for each succeeding percentage point up to 5% of pay.

Does Home Depot have a 401k plan?

The Home Depot 401K Plan A FutureBuilder 401(k) Plan is available to Home Depot employees.

What benefits do Home Depot employees get?

Benefits SummaryHealth Insurance (2,143)Dental Insurance (491)Flexible Spending Account (FSA) (336)Vision Insurance (491)Health Savings Account (HSA) (398)Life Insurance (467)Supplemental Life Insurance (428)Disability Insurance (452)More items...www.glassdoor.com › Benefits › The-Home-Depot-US-Benefits-EI_IE6...The Home Depot Employee Benefits and Perks | Glassdoorwww.glassdoor.com › Benefits › The-Home-Depot-US-Benefits-EI_IE6...

Do Part Time Home Depot employees get benefits?

Benefits. Home Depot offers associates the opportunity to choose plans and programs that meet individual and family needs through Your Total Value, The Home Depot's benefits and compensation programs. ... Benefit plans are available to part-time hourly, full-time hourly and salaried associates.