Sprint is one of the largest telecommunications company in the United States. Established in 1899, the company is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. Sprint services more than 50 million customers across the country and offers a wide range of services like voice, messaging, internet and more.

Sprint Bill Payment Options

As a customer of Sprint, you are offered the following bill payment options:

Sprint Bill Pay Online

You can pay your bill through the internet. To make payments, you are required to register for an account at the company website. You can enroll through this link. You will need to submit certain basic information like your Sprint phone number, choose your username and password etc. You can use your bank account, credit card or debit card to pay the bills. You can also opt for ebill and eliminate the need of paper bills. Online payments is a very useful option when you need to make a quick payment.

Pay By Phone

You can pay through phone by dialing *3 from your Sprint PCS phone. When doing so, make sure that you have your customer number and payment information ready so as to ensure a smooth payment process. This is a very useful option when you need to make a quick payment but do not have internet access.,

Pay By Mail

You are also given an option to pay by mail. Send in your remittance stub together with your check or money order in the envelope that is provided with your monthly Sprint PCS bill. However. do remember that mail payments take some time to get processed. So, if you want to make an instant payment, this is not a good option.

Sprint Payment Card

These custom pay cards are available widely at any authorized payment locations. You can use the payment cards to clear your bill. To find a location near you that offers Sprint Payment Cards, call 877-701-2324. You will be charged a small service fee.

Pay In Store:

You can also pay your bill by directly visiting any Sprint store. To locate a store near you, visit this link. You can narrow down a store within 10 miles of your address. Some stores also have an Automatic Payment Center through which you can pay your bill. This is a free service and payments are usually posted within 4 hours.

Western Union

You can walk into any of the Western Union locations anywhere in the country and pay your Sprint bill. You will need to provide your Sprint phone number in order to process the payment. Since this is a third party service, you will be charged a convenience fee.

Radio Shack

Similar to Western Union, you can pay your bill at any Radio Shack location. A service fee will be charged.

Remember to pay your bills by the due date or else you may be charged a penalty for late payment. For any more information on your billing or payment options, you can call the Sprint customer care at 1-866-866-7509. You may also visit their website at www.sprint.com


Where can I pay my Sprint bill in person?

If you pay your bill in person at a SPRINT retailer they tack on a fee for each account. They also try and get you by giving you this card that you can use other places like RADIO SHACK which also adds .

Can I pay my Sprint bill with Western Union?

Pay your Sprint bill with cash or a debit card Just bring along your bill stub displaying your account number, and cash or debit card to cover the bill and fee, and we'll help get it processed.

Can I pay my phone bill in cash?

Make your payments by cash, check, debit, or credit card at a pay station, located in many AT&T stores. Find an AT&T Pay Station.

Where can you pay your Boost Mobile bill?

You can make a payment by accessing boostmobile.com via any device including your handset, via Boost Zone, or by dialing 233 from your mobile device.

Can I pay Sprint bill at Walmart?

Pay your Sprint bill with cash or a debit card Just bring along your bill stub displaying your account number, and cash or debit card to cover the bill and fee, and we'll help get it processed.

Can I pay a portion of my Sprint bill?

A payment arrangement allows eligible customers additional time to pay the balance on their account. You can create a payment arrangement only when your account is past due. ... Click on Make a payment from the My Sprint dashboard. Select the Total Due or Past Due option for your payment arrangement.

Do Sprint stores accept cash?

Uhh, Sprint stores absolutely accept cash. Most stores encourage customers to use automatic payment machines.

How late can you pay your Sprint bill?

There is a 10 day grace period from the bill due date. You can also contact customer service and make payment arrangements if you see it's going to go past the 10 days.

How can I pay my Sprint bill?

Pay Your Sprint Bill by PhoneCall (800) 784-2608.Follow the prompts select Pay Your Bill.Enter your Sprint number.Follow the prompts to complete your payment.May 10, 2019www.whistleout.com › CellPhones › Faqs › pay-your-sprint-billHow to Pay Your Sprint Bill Online, by Phone, or in App | WhistleOutwww.whistleout.com › CellPhones › Faqs › pay-your-sprint-bill

Can I pay my Sprint bill with a check?

When using Wireline Sprint Online Bill Pay (SOBP), you can make a one-time online payment by check using Check Free, or you can choose “Bank Account Easy-Authorize” as your preferred billing method. ... Choose “Pay your bill with Check Free” and follow the prompts to complete your transaction.


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