Beneficial Bank Bill Pay

Beneficial Bank has been around since 1853, that’s 161 years of trusted service with a history as rich as the history of their home town Philadelphia. Beneficial Bank has evolved into a full-service financial company since starting out as being one of the only banks who demonstrated the importance of saving in the mid-19th century. It is now the oldest and largest bank based in Philadelphia with $4 billion in assets.

Online Banking – www.thebeneficial-ebanking.com

Beneficial offers free online banking for your Beneficial accounts where you can access and manage them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your computer or your mobile phone. Online banking is so powerful you can do almost everything from confirming deposits, transferring funds and more. The best part is you can pay your bills for free and save time, paper and cost of postage. You can sign up online here.

Beneficial Bank Bill Pay Online

Paying bills online is as easy as one two three, plus you can pay and schedule all your bills at one place. To start, you have to log in and follow the three simple steps below.

  1. To pay your first bill, you just add a payee on the box beside biller name and click the next button.
  2. Add the account information by typing the account number on the box provided and click the next button.
  3. Locate the payee (you can add multiple payees), enter the amount you wish to pay and a pay date, click the pay button and you’re done!


BenMobile is a mobile application that makes banking with Beneficial even more convenient, you can download the official application on your smartphone from the App Store for Iphones or Google Play for Androids or visit the mobile site here. You must be registered to online banking to be able to make use of this mobile application. You can check your balance, account history, transfer funds, pay bills and locate an ATM branch on an android phone or tablet and apple Iphone or Ipad.

Checking Imaging

Check images are included for free with every Beneficial account except Free Checking. Check images are accepted as legal proof of payment, available through Beneficial’s online banking.


Beneficial also offers a free online tool where you can see every dollar you earn, spend and save all at one place using FinanceWorks. FinanceWorks is free with every Beneficial account, and not only can you access your Beneficial account, you can access every one of your accounts from your phone bill to your IRA. FinanceWorks will show you activities such as loans, investments, bills and credits. You can give it a whirl here or read more on this guide and start getting smart on saving.

Telephone Banking

There are still some folks out there who may not have access to internet, this is not a problem. You can pay your Beneficial accounts by over your cell phone, check account balances anytime, and transfer funds simply by calling 800-784-8490.


For questions you may call Customer Contact Center at 888-742-5272.


How do I find my beneficial routing number?

Routing number is also printed at the bottom left corner of the check issued by your bank branch of BENEFICIAL SAVINGS BANK. You may also call customer support to find your routing number.

Does Beneficial Bank still exist?

In 2014, Beneficial moved its headquarters to 1818 Market Street in Philadelphia, at which point the building was renamed 1818 Beneficial Bank Place. WSFS and Beneficial announced that WSFS would acquire Beneficial, with the deal expected to close in early 2019. The deal ultimately closed March 1, 2019.

What time does Beneficial Bank close?

Beneficial Bank Open Hours The majority of Beneficial Bank locations are quite similar and in most cases it's 9 am – 5 pm (09:00-17:00) Monday to Friday.

How many branches does Beneficial Bank have?

Beneficial has 61 retail branches and WSFS has 59.


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